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Top 10 Comfort Modifications For Your Bike

So you finally have your dream bike and you’re planning your first big road trip. You’ll be on the highway for hours and although you love your bike it wouldn’t be considered a luxury vehicle. Good thing that’s an easy fix with our top 10 comfort upgrades that are perfect for your new touring motorcycle or even smaller performance bikes like the Kawasaki Ninja to give you an added comfort boost.

  1. Heated Grips

On cold weather drives, you don’t want to chisel your frozen fingers off of the handlebars. Heated grips will keep those digits toasty warm your whole drive. Most come with easily adjustable temperatures to keep you warm from ‘slightly chilly outside’ to ‘frozen popsicle’ and are easy to install for a quick DIY comfort upgrade.

  1. Stronger Windshield

Having a quality windshield not only protects you from dirt and debris on the road, but it also cuts down on the wind force that pushes against you, reducing your strain for a more comfortable ride. We recommend a thicker windshield because they tend to last longer and provide extra protection on the road.

  1. Quick Shifter

After driving for long periods of time and shifting over and over you can get wrist fatigue or even irritate issues like carpal tunnel. A quick shifter makes shifting gears as easy as pushing a button. This lessens wrist pain and also creates a smoother shift for a more comfortable, less jerky ride.

  1. Foot Pegs

Why not give yourself a little extra legroom? Upgraded footpegs have tons of options for your choice of comfort. Some are simple with just a wider surface area whereas others hook in front onto the interior pipes so you can fully stretch out on long drives. Most footpegs easily snap onto the bike so this would be a quick project you can do yourself instead of needing to take it to a specialist to install.

  1. Sound System

Long road trips are nothing without some killer tunes, so of course, you need a sound system that can crank up the volume. There are plenty of premium options on the market for any brand of bike. Or if you want the music but not where everyone else can hear it invest in a good Bluetooth headset with controls that snap onto your helmet for easy volume and song changes.

  1. Lumbar Support Bag

Nothing feels better on a long drive than the ability to sit back and relax. Unfortunately, most bikes don’t come with a backrest included. That’s why these amazing bags aren’t just great for storage, but they’re also nice and soft for lumbar support and added comfort. These bags work best on bigger Harley Davidson style bikes but you can fit them on smaller options as well.

  1. Seat Cushion

The piece de resistance and your proverbial golden throne. These fluffy clouds from heaven come in tons of options from memory foam seats to gel filled that can be cooled in the fridge for a summer heatwave. Nothing helps your motorcycle comfort level quite like adding a little extra cushion to the seat of your bike.

  1. A Good GPS

Pulling out your phone for navigation on a bike is probably not the best idea, so having a designated GPS that can get dirty is a much better option. We recommend one that not only gives you navigation but also weather and traffic updates for a full trip itinerary of your trip ahead.

  1. Folding Chair

During your travels, you’ll want to get off your bike and take in the views. Sitting on the rocky, uneven ground sucks so why not bring a chair to sit and watch the sun set. There are options that fold up completely to fit in your bags and they’ll make your set stops much more comfortable.

  1. Throttle Lock

Who wants to hold the throttle for hours on end on empty highways? Not you, and now you don’t have to. Some bikes come with cruise control, but if you have a popular touring motorcycle like the Harley Davidson Street Glide or any Indian motorcycle they aren’t included. Throttle locks help you keep the pace and gives your hands and wrists a break on those long drives.


Keep comfortable on long trips by giving your touring bike or performance motorcycle all of the necessary upgrades for the smoothest possible ride.

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