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What is Rev X-tend on Dynojet’s Power Commander V?

What is Rev X-tend?

Rev X-tend is a feature within the Power Commander that allows you to change the engine’s rev-limiter. This feature can only be used on some models where the Power Commander has control of the vehicle’s ignition. If you have a “Fuel Only” PC5 unit, you would need to add an Ignition Module accessory to use the Rev X-tend feature. Continue Reading

Speed and Gear Calibration

In this video we discuss the Power Commander 5 optional speed and gear inputs. We go over how to connect, configure, and calibrate these inputs. Check out the video below! Continue Reading

Honda Grom Quick Shifter

NOW AVAILABLE! The Dynojet quick shifter is now available for your Honda Grom. Make clutchless shifts at wide open throttle. Check out the video for a demonstration! Continue Reading

Quickshifter Types and Troubleshooting

In this video we introduce and describe the various types of Quickshifter shift sensor/switches that we have available. Generally, we list the appropriate shift sensor/switch on our website for your bike model and for an otherwise stock shift linkage. However when using aftermarket rearsets and/or changing your shift pattern to GP (reversed) shifting, you likely will need something different. This video should help you decide specifically what is appropriate for your specific bike. Continue Reading

2013 Can-Am Outlander 500 PCV Install Video

In this video we install a Power Commander V on a 2013 Can-Am Outlander 500. Continue Reading

Power Commander Accessories: Quickshifter

In this video we explain what the Quickshifter is. We also demonstrate normal shifting on the dyno and quickshifting so you can see the difference the quickshifter makes. Continue Reading

2013 Bombardier CanAm Maverick PCV Install Video

In this video we show you how to install a Power Commander 5 on a 2013 Bombardier CanAm Maverick. This PCV model (25-016) makes fuel and ignition adjustments. Continue Reading

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