Power Vision now supports all 2019 Harley-Davidson models!

You can use the Power Vision Update Client to download and update to the latest firmware (PV_FIRMWARE-2.0.44-1596) and Tune Database (PV_TUNEDB-

Once the update is complete you’ll be able to use all the Power Vision features you’ve come to know on the latest H-D models!

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Power Vision 2019 Harley-Davidson Support

We’ve had our hands on quite a few 2019 H-D models and have been pouring over the calibrations, as well as identifying new software levels.

Based on what we’ve seen so far the Power Vision supports most models, so you can read the ECM and start tuning in WinPV right now.  The current PV Tune Database and firmware available on the PV Update Client will cover all models, however, there is a new software level for Milwaukee 8 114ci equipped models. Continue Reading

2018 H-D Support – Dynojet Power Vision continues to deliver!

If you haven’t been paying attention you may have missed out on the latest releases for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  The Power Vision now fully supports the latest ECM calibrations that are found in the MY2018 bikes, as well as the updated software levels for MY2017 bikes.  You can bet this also includes the popular new Softail equipped with the Milwaukee 8 engine! Continue Reading

Power Vision Firmware Update


Keep on Tuning!  Dynojet Power Vision supports the latest updates for H-D motorcycles with the new firmware level and tune database.

We just released a new firmware and tune database for Power Vision, firmware, and tune database Which means Power Vision now supports two new software levels for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles; 621 and 822. Continue Reading

Power Vision: 2017 H-D Support

There are 2 new software levels that we’ve come across thus far, those being 723 (Touring) and 414 (Sportster, Street, Dyna…..except Dyna Low Rider S, which is 617).  We started reading these calibrations back on August 23rd and have been beta testing since.  A Power Vision loaded with the current, publicly released firmware will allow you to tune (and use the Tune License system) ALL 2017 H-D motorcycles EXCEPT those that use the 723 and 414  software levels. Continue Reading

Follow the Leader…..New Power Vision Updates

In our quest to offer the best possible tuning solution for H-D motorcycles we’re pleased to announce a few new features.  As always please be sure to use the PV Update Client to ensure you have the latest software, firmware, and tune database. Continue Reading

Target Tune FAQ’s

What is Target Tune?

Target Tune is a product that uses a control module and 2 Bosch wideband AFR / Lambda sensors. It uses the existing closed loop, adaptive fuel control strategy in your Delphi ECM, but with changes made to the calibration to allow your ECM to use the wideband sensors. In order for the system to work, you must have a calibration flashed to your bike with the various edits required to make it work. At this time only a Certified Power Vision Tuning Center, or a Dynojet technical representative can make those edits. Continue Reading

Power Vision Shop Benefits and Features

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/TKHY0nFHIaI” video_title=”1″][vc_column_text]This video explains how dealers and shops can use the Dynojet Power Vision and the Automated Tune License system to benefit their customers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Power Vision Automated Tune License Program

Do you want to be able to tune multiple Harley Davidsons with one Power Vision? Purchasing a Tune License makes that possible. In this video we explain exactly how that process works. Continue Reading

Advanced Autotune for the Power Vision

In this video we walk you through the Power Vision’s Autotune process. We explain the difference between Autotune Basic and Autotune Pro. We also give you detailed information about what adjustments the Autotune process is making to your ECM. After watching this video, you will have a better understanding of the Power Vision’s Autotune feature and how to enable it. Continue Reading

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