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Dynojet’s Coming to Rally on the Rocks!

Get ready to get wild, Dynojet is coming to Rally on the Rocks for the 4th year in beautiful Moab, Utah. We’ll be out there from May 14th-18th so feel free to come say hi or ask us any questions. We’ll have a full booth setup displaying our products and bringing our own customized Can-Am Maverick X3 to show off on the trails. This UTV has been completely transformed from the inside out and we can’t wait to show you the final result up close and in person. Continue Reading

Dynojet Racer Avoids Cat-Tastrophie Before Podium Finish

John Barnes, one of Dynojet’s sponsored racers, has just returned from last Saturday’s round 3 race of the Midwest Cross Country Series in Indiana that ended up being a wet, muddy and rainy day with a bit of a surprise waiting for them. Continue Reading

Hidden Gem UTV Parks Across the United States

You have your Polaris or Can-Am UTV all decked out and ready to take for a true test of power and performance, but you’re not sure where to go. We can help you find the perfect place no matter the terrain you’re looking for.

Here is our Top 5 list of hidden gem UTV trails from all across the United States. Continue Reading

Top 6 Extreme Motorcycle Sports

The adrenaline rush is what makes us feel alive. For most, a go-around on your favorite roller coaster or even a speedy ride on the open road is enough to get the blood pumping with excitement.

But others need a little more power or competition to get their fix. These motorcycle riders use extreme precision, speed or danger to push their bikes and their bodies to the absolute limit. Take a look at our list of top 6 extreme motorcycle sports to find out what kind of adrenaline junkies are out there. Continue Reading

The Truth About Lane Splitting

Over the past few years, many states have considered legalizing different variations on lane splitting or at least not making it outright illegal. Many bills have gone to the state legislatures but so far none have passed. Lane splitting is looked at as a dangerous, daredevil activity but according to many safety studies, it may just have a bad reputation. Continue Reading

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UTV World Championships 2019 Schedule

The UTV World Championship is right around the corner and we’re revving up to cheer on our sponsored drivers. We won’t have a designated booth but our experts will be there helping our racers get their UTV’s tuned to perfection. Have a question? We’ll be decked out in Dynojet gear so we’re easy to find or come over to pit area #2925 to see us in action. Continue Reading

Top 10 Comfort Modifications For Your Bike

So you finally have your dream bike and you’re planning your first big road trip. You’ll be on the highway for hours and although you love your bike it wouldn’t be considered a luxury vehicle. Good thing that’s an easy fix with our top 10 comfort upgrades that are perfect for your new touring motorcycle or even smaller performance bikes like the Kawasaki Ninja to give you an added comfort boost. Continue Reading

California Super Bloom Deserts are the Perfect Road Trip

If you have a long weekend planned and you’re looking for a great road trip, why not explore the rare super bloom and butterfly migration happening right now in the Southern California deserts. Continue Reading

Off-Roaders to the Rescue

Off-road vehicles aren’t just for fun, sometimes they can help saves lives in dire situations.

With larger tires, lift kits and increased torque they are ideal for extreme conditions like heavy snow or steep inclines. Continue Reading

What To Consider When Buying A Dynamometer

So you want to take your shop to the next level by installing your very own dynamometer. You can’t just pick the first one you see, there are tons of factors to consider from shop spacing to the vehicles you’ll be tuning.

Luckily, our friends at The Tuning School have a great video that breaks down exactly what you need to figure out before moving forward with your dynamometer purchase.

Not only do they put out educational videos like the one before, but they also have an entire curriculum with seven different course options from beginner to advanced so you can use your dynamometer like the pro you are. Continue Reading

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