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2020 Harley-Davidson Touring Firmware Now Available!

Full tuning support for 2020 Harley-Davidson models, including Touring!  Beta firmware is now available for those with a need to start tuning 2020 Touring models.  The production version of Power Vision firmware and tune database already supported Softail, Sportster, and Street models.  We will start making pre-configured tunes available in the coming weeks as we break-in our new test mule, so keep an eye out that. Look below for examples of the new WinPV examples. Continue Reading

Dynojet’s Power Vision Now Supports 2020 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Dynojet is proud to announce that we are the first aftermarket company with flash tuning support for 2020 Harley-Davidson motorcycles! Continue Reading

Motorcycle Airbags Add Safety for Street Riders

High-speed motorcycle racers have been sporting airbags for years. Most Moto GP suits have sophisticated electronic airbags built-in that can sense when a crash is happening to auto inflate around the shoulders and collarbone in less than 5 milliseconds.

As a regular rider, buying a full Moto GP suit for protection is expensive and highly unnecessary, but airbags are still a great addition to your protective gear to keep you safe during a worst-case scenario crash. Continue Reading

Dynojet Racer Avoids Cat-Tastrophie Before Podium Finish

John Barnes, one of Dynojet’s sponsored racers, has just returned from last Saturday’s round 3 race of the Midwest Cross Country Series in Indiana that ended up being a wet, muddy and rainy day with a bit of a surprise waiting for them. Continue Reading

The Truth About Lane Splitting

Over the past few years, many states have considered legalizing different variations on lane splitting or at least not making it outright illegal. Many bills have gone to the state legislatures but so far none have passed. Lane splitting is looked at as a dangerous, daredevil activity but according to many safety studies, it may just have a bad reputation. Continue Reading

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Off-Roaders to the Rescue

Off-road vehicles aren’t just for fun, sometimes they can help saves lives in dire situations.

With larger tires, lift kits and increased torque they are ideal for extreme conditions like heavy snow or steep inclines. Continue Reading

Bonneville Salt Flat Speedway Needs Your Support

Souped-up vehicles working to beat speed records have been racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats for decades, but now due to erosion those days may be numbered.

The beautiful white landscape that seems to never end is a salt crust that has been built up over thousands of years that covers a soft, muddy interior. This salt layer has unfortunately begun to leach southward into evaporative ponds used for extracting potassium chloride, weakening the crust and creating fragile or unsafe driving conditions. Continue Reading

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