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Dynojet is Coming to Sand Sports Super Show!

We’re packing up and revving our engines for Sand Sports Super Show at the Orange County Fairgrounds. This will be our first large trade show of the year, and we have so much planned for these two days that it’ll be unforgettable.

The Dynojet Research booth with have three of our upgraded UTV’s on display as well as a wide range of our products for sale. One of these powerhouse UTV’s will be displayed outside of building 12 and is available for purchase at the trade show! It has a laundry list of upgrades so check it out on the show floor for the full rundown but here is a sneak peek of what’s been included on this 2016 Polaris XPT: 2017 Polaris XPT injectors, King shocks, Assault Industries Tie Rods, Dynojet’s Stage 5 Kit, Carillo Rods, JE Pistons(standard bore), STI wheels and tires, TCP Performance Dual Radiator and much more! The other two UTV’s are racing vehicles belonging to Jeramiah Drew and Katie Vernola.

We’ll also be featuring show exclusive discount codes, a raffle for one of our best-selling Power Vision or Power Commander fuel tuners and a special guest!

Katie V Racing will be at the Dynojet booth signing autographs both Saturday and Sunday! She’s one of Dynojet’s sponsored racers and has over 15 podium finishes under her belt and is currently Rookie of the Year in Lucas Oil’s Offroad Racing Series in Pro Turbo. Her autograph times are listed below and are in one-hour time slots.

Saturday @ 11 am, 2 pm and 4 pm

Sunday @12pm

Sand Sports is one of the biggest trade shows made specifically for off-road and sand vehicles, it attracts thousands from all over the world as both visitors and exhibitors for a true inside scoop of the next big thing in off-road sports.

Sand Sports Super Show is open from September 13th-15th, for more information on tickets and times check out the OC fairgrounds website.

2020 Harley-Davidson Touring Firmware Now Available!

Full tuning support for 2020 Harley-Davidson models, including Touring!  Beta firmware is now available for those with a need to start tuning 2020 Touring models.  The production version of Power Vision firmware and tune database already supported Softail, Sportster, and Street models.  We will start making pre-configured tunes available in the coming weeks as we break-in our new test mule, so keep an eye out that. Look below for examples of the new WinPV examples. Continue Reading

Dynojet’s Power Vision Now Supports 2020 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Dynojet is proud to announce that we are the first aftermarket company with flash tuning support for 2020 Harley-Davidson motorcycles! Continue Reading

Dynojet’s Target Tune: What Does it Do?

When it comes to optimizing your fuel ratio control is key, and nothing gives more control than Dynojet’s Target Tune fuel management system in tandem with our bestselling Power Vision. We’ll lay out how it works and why it’s a great upgrade from the stock system. Continue Reading

Top 10 Motorcycle World Records

World Records show us the marvel of human creation and the outskirts of the imagination. The Guinness Book of World Records has been recording the extremes of humanity for over 50 years and keeping track of the most amazing things that the world has to offer.

Motorcycle records take up a large section of this book. As long as we’ve had two wheels we’ve been pushing the abilities of the machine and ourselves the limit. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most iconic records to be set so you can marvel at the machines we’ve made through the years. Continue Reading

Narrowband vs. Wideband O2 Sensors

O2 sensors may seem like a very small piece of the fuel tuning puzzle, but they’re really one of the key components to keeping your engine optimized. Using the best equipment is essential for optimizing your vehicle but what’s the best option? How do you make that choice and how do they differ? It’s a little complicated but we’ll explain how O2 sensors work, why they’re so important, and whether you want to keep your stock narrowband or upgrade to a wideband sensor.

Continue Reading

Touring Bike Breakdown

Long road trips are one of the best parts of being a motorcycle rider. The open road, the wind rushing past you and the thrill of new adventures. The only problem is many bikes aren’t built for long distance comfort and the baggage that comes with a long trip. Touring motorcycles become the best option for long distances but they come in so many options it becomes hard to choose which one is the best touring motorcycle option for you. We’ve put the three styles of touring motorcycles to the test: sport touring vs. adventure touring vs. traditional touring, to show the pros and cons of each and how your current favorite motorcycle may have a touring bike twin that gives you the best of both worlds. Continue Reading

American Motorcycle Racing Through the Ages

Motorcycles in the United States have always been a physical manifestation of the freedom and rebelliousness of the American spirit. Motorcycle history is nothing but a long line of revolutionaries working to make their bikes go faster, jump higher or work harder than any other bike on the road. Our love of speed, power, and modification has been prevalent since the early days of motorcycle production, and nothing shows this merging of man and machine better than on the American racetrack.

Through the ages, motorcycle races have always been major events that draw media coverage and throngs of spectators wanting a piece of the action. Nowadays, you would have a hard time selling out any major stadium to watch professional motorcycle racing in the United States. Why? What changed the collective mind of American citizens to pull them away from motorcycle racing for such a drastic decline? There are a lot of reasons motorcycle lovers have given as to why American’s seem to be losing interest in motorcycles and motorcycle racing. But before we get into the modern racing scene let’s take a look at the dangerous beginnings of what started a nation’s obsession with speed. Continue Reading

E85 Fuel: More Power or More Problems?

When you’re racing for the finish line, giving your vehicle every edge you can on the competition is crucial. That’s why many racers with flex-fuel vehicles chose to run E85 fuel instead of typical gasoline, but why? We’ll break down the pros and cons of this high-octane fuel option and how you can harness its full potential. Continue Reading

Motorcycle Airbags Add Safety for Street Riders

High-speed motorcycle racers have been sporting airbags for years. Most Moto GP suits have sophisticated electronic airbags built-in that can sense when a crash is happening to auto inflate around the shoulders and collarbone in less than 5 milliseconds.

As a regular rider, buying a full Moto GP suit for protection is expensive and highly unnecessary, but airbags are still a great addition to your protective gear to keep you safe during a worst-case scenario crash. Continue Reading

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